Harbor Campground - Three Lakes

Seasonal Rates:

Premium Seasonal (sewer, cable TV)                                        $2,500 (includes tax)
Seasonal Full Service w/holding tank (includes pumping)       $2,300 (includes tax)
Standard Seasonal (pumping needed for additional fee)           $2,000 (includes tax)

​Seasonal campers pay electric.  No other charges.  See above links for more info.

2019 Open Seasonal Sites: 

50amp full service + cable TV -  none available

50amp + water -  G5, (G32 after July 4)

30amp + water -  none available

2020 Seasonal Sites Available:

50amp full service -  T3
50amp + water -  G5, G32, G33
30amp + water -  70

Any site can be made full service with a 300 gallon holding tank (supplied by Harbor) and pumping service. ​